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959 is an Italian based retailer that specializes in purses and wallets made from recycled seatbelts.  They were looking for a new product to go along with their bags.  A rain hood was the perfect idea, not only does it protect from the elements, much like a seatbelt protects a body in the event of a crash, but it can be worn as a belt (at the waist or hips) and also as a necklace (short or long).  The rain hood can also be folded and tucked away into almost any 959 bag.  It is a great hands-free solution to those cold and rainy days.  It is also a stylish accessory for any day wear.  Shortly after 959 produced the prototype, variations of the rain hood were seen on the catwalks.  One variation was featured on Good Morning America in 2008.  Hussein Chalayan designed a motorized hood in his Fall 2007 runway collection (photos from  Rachel Freire's SS 2010 contains a hooded garment, not quite the same as the prototype, but it has a similar concept.  This shows that the 959 prototype was ahead of the times. 
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