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Image Gallery
LRFW High Fashion Photo Shoot
Photo shoot with Kyna Damewood Daylight photos:
Model - Amy Eli
Hair and makeup - Natosha Lynn
Assistant - Leighann Calamera
Photos by Kyna Damewood

Nighttime photos:
Models - Dijana Marcic and Alena Chetoka
Hair and makeup - Megan Gardner
Photos by Kyna Damewood
Photo Shoot with Diana Cornielle
Photography: Diana Cornielle
Clothes designer: Laurie B. Allen, 
Make Up: Yasin Cuevas, 
Hair & Make Up: Milka Figueroa,
Models: Taisha Ortiz, Ashley Pineiro, Tatiana Figueroa, Rosaura Oquendo, Zoed Rivera, Desiree Baez, 
Location: Squire’s Castle – Ohio

Little Rock Fashion Week 2012
Baltimore Fashion Week 2011 Ms. Allen was chosen as Little Rock Fashion Week's Designer of the Year 2011.  She was sent to BFW to be honored for her achievements.  Ms. Allen showcased the winning collection.  Official photographs coming soon. 
Little Rock Fashion Week 2011 Dresses: Laurie Allen
Models: Taylor, Molly, Caprisha, Katese, Nivea, Brooke, Regan, Mallory, Brittney and Ashton
Fashion Week Columbus 2010 Fashion Week Columbus had its first fashion week in 2010.  Laurie was fortunate enough to audition and be chosen as a designer.  The committee looked over Laurie's forty piece collection and chose eight of their favorite looks to showcase in their very high end event.  The finale show was held in the gorgeous Athletic Club of Columbus in October.  Photos were taken by Will Shively. 
Fashion Week Cleveland 2010 Photographs were taken by Greg Sotak during Fashion Week Cleveland 2010.  Women's Wear Daily notes FWC as the third largest fashion week in the United States. Laurie Allen was named Designer of the Year and was honored at Little Rock Fashion Week in July 2010.  Unfortunately, the photographs from FWC did not turn out as well as expected, but hopefully there will be more photos to come.
Little Rock Fashion Week 2010 Laurie B. Allen was named Fashion Week Cleveland Designer of the Year 2010, and was sent in an exchange program to be honored at Little Rock Fashion Week.  LRFW was a huge success!  Photos were taken by Edwin Medina from and by Ms. Allen. 
Pittsburgh Fashion Week 2010 Pittsburgh Fashion Week debuted in October 2010.  At the end of the week, back to back finale shows lasted all day, similar to New York.  Ms. Allen and her fashion partner and crime, Katie Wolfrum, kicked off the Saturday shows with a big bang.  Ms. Allen loved Little Rock Fashion Week and its models so much, she invited them to strut their stuff for Pittsburgh. 
Ingenuity Fest- Speak Easy Fashion Week Cleveland held some spectacular events in the summer of 2010.  The speak easy was a sneak peek to the Ingenuity Fest, a weekend long event held under a bridge in Cleveland.  Models dressed in unconventional fashions made from paper plates, newspaper, duct tape and many other household products.  The theme was 20's inspired.  Ms. Allen created a flapper look.  The dress was made from a garbage bag and it has newspaper fringe for the flapper appeal.  She also had a necklace made from cereal, a head piece made from shelf liner and an ornament, straps made of duct tape, and bows made from several "keep this coupon" stubs.  A fake cigarette and holder were made from a painted chopstick and a boa was made of tissue paper.  It is amazing what can be made with a little bit of imagination. 
FGI 20/30 Fashion Show The Fashion Group International teamed up with 20/30, a group for young professionals, and held a fantastic fashion filled night in a trendy club in downtown Cleveland.  Photographer Greg Sotak was on deck taking snapshots of the models.  Fashionably Cleveland said Laurie B. Allen's collection was one of the highlights of the evening. 
Cleveland Plain Dealer Article Ms. Allen had a wonderful opportunity to participate in Fashion Flash, a weekly treat in the style section of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.  Her article came out July 28, 2010.  It was a full page spread featuring large photographs.  She designed a dress for the shoot, which can be seen in the album, but at last minute decided to wear the striped cape. 
Press and PR Press, articles, photos, screen caps and other miscellaneous media related to Laurie B. Allen fashion. 
Photo shoot with Dani Amateur photo shoot with Dani, featuring a diverse collection of garments used to audition for the hit television series, Project Runway. All of the pieces were made within a two week period.   
Photo shoot with Wesley Conners
Various Runway Shows Laurie Allen is very active in runway shows.  During her college career, she created very avant garde fashions as a creative outlet.  She was tired of the very boring ready-to-wear design required by her teachers.  Since graduation, she has been creating more elegant and sophisticated pieces.  She has participated in Beaux Arts Ball 2003 and 2004 (2004 photos not available).  In BAB 2003, the theme was punk rock music.  She was winner of best collection and best garment.  In BAB 2004, the theme was the color orange; she was winner for best collection. She also designed for Rock the Runway in 2005, 2006 and 2007.  In RTR 2005, the theme was avant garde rock; she was named the winner for best collection.  In RTR 2006, the theme was music inspired.  She chose to create a line based around Jacks Mannequin and cancer awareness.  The lead singer was diagnosed with cancer in his vocal cords.  He is in remission now and continues to create music.  Money from his record sales and also donations from fans goes to help children suffering from cancer.  She did not win this fashion show, but was featured in a large photograph on the front page of the Daily Kent Stater.  In RTR 2007, she chose to design a line mostly out of office supplies.  Nothing was sewed, only tied on or attached by paper clips or colored duct tape.  Most of the material used consisted of paper, bubble wrap and duct tape.  She did not win this fashion show either, but was still featured in the Daily Kent Stater photographs.  There was also a YouTube video which had all of her pieces shown, more than any other designer in the video.  Fabric was used in all four garments, but the eccentric design was still present with the use of unconventional materials.  In 2009, she designed her first collection post college for the Illusion Artz Models Choice Party, no winner was selected.  In 2010 she participated in her first fashion week.  She used garments from her Project Runway audition, the Illusion Artz show and whipped up some new pieces.  Ms. Allen was announced Fashion Week Cleveland Designer of the Year 2010.  She also showed in Little Rock Fashion Week, Fashion Week Columbus and Pittsburgh Fashion Week in 2010. 
CAD in U4ia Laurie was required to design a fall and spring line in the program U4ia.  U4ia is a textile design program.  The lines included knits, wovens, tile and drop repeats in several different colorways.  She went above and beyond the assignment and created a summer line.  She also included texture mapped images of young girls wearing her prints.  The collections were targeted for tweens and children. 
Photoshop/Illustrator Collection of Photoshop and Illustrator work, which Ms. Allen loves to play with the most!
Fashion Illustrations While attending Kent State University, Laurie Allen took a few fashion drawing courses.  She learned how to draw men, women, children and tweens.  She also learned to render a wide array of fabrics and how to illustrate a proper technical flat.  Both, beginner and advanced fashion illustrations have been included in this gallery to show progression.  Technical flats and fabric renderings will also show improvements.  More drawings will be uploaded in the near future. 
Fashion Boards While in college, Laurie Allen took Fashion Visuals and Fashion Forecasting, a majority of the course work entailed designing fashion boards.  Ms. Allen was given a certificate for being one of the top students in Fashion Visuals.  Her boards were put in display cases around Rockwell Hall, the fashion building at Kent State University. Unfortunately, some boards approaching eight years old are beginning to sustain damages. 
Jewelry Design Laurie Allen had an amazing opportunity to study abroad in Florence, Italy.  While she was there, she took a jewelry making course at Studio Fuji.  She learned how to work with various tools and metals.  She learned how to solder, set stones, polish and design her own jewelry.  In her collection she has made a bracelet, ring, keychain and two pendants.  Some of her work was put on display at the end of the semester.
959 prototype 959 is an Italian based retailer that specializes in purses and wallets made from recycled seatbelts.  They were looking for a new product to go along with their bags.  A rain hood was the perfect idea, not only does it protect from the elements, much like a seatbelt protects a body in the event of a crash, but it can be worn as a belt (at the waist or hips) and also as a necklace (short or long).  The rain hood can also be folded and tucked away into almost any 959 bag.  It is a great hands-free solution to those cold and rainy days.  It is also a stylish accessory for any day wear.  Shortly after 959 produced the prototype, variations of the rain hood were seen on the catwalks.  One variation was featured on Good Morning America in 2008.  Hussein Chalayan designed a motorized hood in his Fall 2007 runway collection (photos from  Rachel Freire's SS 2010 contains a hooded garment, not quite the same as the prototype, but it has a similar concept.  This shows that the 959 prototype was ahead of the times. 
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LRFW High Fashion Photo Shoot
Photo shoot with Kyna Damewood
Photo Shoot with Diana Cornielle
Little Rock Fashion Week 2012
Baltimore Fashion Week 2011
Little Rock Fashion Week 2011
Fashion Week Columbus 2010
Fashion Week Cleveland 2010
Little Rock Fashion Week 2010
Pittsburgh Fashion Week 2010
Ingenuity Fest- Speak Easy
FGI 20/30 Fashion Show
Cleveland Plain Dealer Article
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Photo shoot with Dani
Photo shoot with Wesley Conners
Various Runway Shows
CAD in U4ia
Fashion Illustrations
Fashion Boards
Jewelry Design
959 prototype
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