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Laurie Allen is very active in runway shows.  During her college career, she created very avant garde fashions as a creative outlet.  She was tired of the very boring ready-to-wear design required by her teachers.  Since graduation, she has been creating more elegant and sophisticated pieces.  She has participated in Beaux Arts Ball 2003 and 2004 (2004 photos not available).  In BAB 2003, the theme was punk rock music.  She was winner of best collection and best garment.  In BAB 2004, the theme was the color orange; she was winner for best collection. She also designed for Rock the Runway in 2005, 2006 and 2007.  In RTR 2005, the theme was avant garde rock; she was named the winner for best collection.  In RTR 2006, the theme was music inspired.  She chose to create a line based around Jacks Mannequin and cancer awareness.  The lead singer was diagnosed with cancer in his vocal cords.  He is in remission now and continues to create music.  Money from his record sales and also donations from fans goes to help children suffering from cancer.  She did not win this fashion show, but was featured in a large photograph on the front page of the Daily Kent Stater.  In RTR 2007, she chose to design a line mostly out of office supplies.  Nothing was sewed, only tied on or attached by paper clips or colored duct tape.  Most of the material used consisted of paper, bubble wrap and duct tape.  She did not win this fashion show either, but was still featured in the Daily Kent Stater photographs.  There was also a YouTube video which had all of her pieces shown, more than any other designer in the video.  Fabric was used in all four garments, but the eccentric design was still present with the use of unconventional materials.  In 2009, she designed her first collection post college for the Illusion Artz Models Choice Party, no winner was selected.  In 2010 she participated in her first fashion week.  She used garments from her Project Runway audition, the Illusion Artz show and whipped up some new pieces.  Ms. Allen was announced Fashion Week Cleveland Designer of the Year 2010.  She also showed in Little Rock Fashion Week, Fashion Week Columbus and Pittsburgh Fashion Week in 2010. 
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